About the Programs

The Literacy Loft uses the Orton Gillingham approach to learning. It’s multi-sensory, sequential and language based. It employs four learning styles – visual, auditory, tactile, and kinaesthetic (a person’s awareness of the position and movement of the parts of the body) to stimulate learning and retention by engaging people on multiple levels.

Since everyone processes things differently, the solution for these differences is to involve the use of more of the senses. This will help the brain to develop tactile, kinetic, auditory and visual memories for optimal learning.

The Literacy Loft also uses a Guided Discovery approach and Structured Literacy approach.

Guided Discovery is effective in ensuring that students learn sound-symbol correspondences and other patterns of language. Instructors ask questions to lead students to discover new information. When students make a discovery, they better understand and connect the new learning to prior knowledge.

Structured Literacy simply put, is explicit, systematic teaching that focuses on phonological awareness, word recognition, phonics and decoding, spelling, and syntax at the sentence and paragraph levels.

At The Literacy Loft we:

  • Identify gaps in the learner’s skills and target these areas
  • Adapt the pace to meet individualized needs
  • Provide immediate and corrective feedback
  • Monitor the learner’s comprehension
  • Monitor the learner’s learning retention

Both children and adults will have access to a comfortable, fun, and hands on learning environment, to improve their ability to read, write and pronounce the sounds of the English language. Success is incorporated into every lesson-plan, as participants have plenty of opportunity to show what they know, thereby enhancing self-confidence and fostering a love of learning. The assessments are very detailed, and progress is captured concretely.  A comparison of entry and exit assessment will prove a significant increase in the participant’s literacy level.  Participants will be aware of their accomplishments.

Along with the above noted methods of learning, The Literacy Loft also teaches Assistive Technology.