How it began

What led me to open The Literacy Loft you ask?

Firstly, both my children struggled in the early elementary years with very different sets of challenges.

Secondly, I worked with adults at my last job as an Adult Literacy Instructor and have seen the results of people with low literacy levels. Adults struggling to fill out forms, to find or hold a job, maintain healthy relationships, and balance family life.

Every day I’m around people who doubt their self- esteem and self-worth because they struggle with reading and writing. I felt a strong desire to help these people see just how special and smart they are.

From this The Literacy Loft was born.

I provide a safe, comfortable, and non- judgemental environment. I aim to build self-confidence by showing success in the very first session. I build self-advocacy skills by providing helpful, accurate, and up to date information and resources because self-advocacy is extremely important.  I also encourage people to be themselves and celebrate their differences as opposed to feeling insecure just because they don’t learn the same way as other students or people.

Literacy challenges impair interactions with peers, academic progress and the ability to gain employment later in life. Offering this program to participants and their families has the potential to improve confidence and social interactions which results in a better quality of life. It can also help children and adults discover the joy of reading for knowledge and for leisure, and will aim to promote a life-long love of learning.

Here at The Literacy Loft, you will find an open minded and encouraging environment that will help to build confidence by using a multi-sensory approach to learning.  Fun, hands on, experiential learning experiences not only allow people to learn but retain more information than other methods.

At The Literacy Loft, people’s comfort level (physical and mentally) is paramount.  I provide a variety of chairs, (including soft, comfy bean bags), a rocking chair, an exercise ball to balance on, foam floor mats, and small chairs for children.  I also provide stress balls and other hand held objects that are beneficial for busy minds. 

If you know someone who could use the services of The Literacy Loft, please don’t hesitate to contact me. It’s never too late for anyone to learn and feel better about themselves!